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N:15.5% CaO:26% Fertilizer

Suitable for many kinds of soil and crops, widely used in greenhouse and field planting food crops, cash crops, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and so on.
Product Description

Calcium nitrate compound fertilizer

N:15.5% CaO:26% fertilizer


Technical Specification, standard

Total nitrogen15.5%

Minute nitrate nitrogen 14.4%

Min ammonium nitrogen minimum 1.1%

Calcium minimum 18.8% size 2-4 mm

Suitable for many kinds of soil and crops, widely used in greenhouse and field planting food crops, cash crops, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and so on.The nitrate nitrogen in calcium ammonium nitrate can be absorbed directly by plants in water without first transforming in soil.Suitable for base fertilizer, plant fertilizer and additional fertilizer.

Packaging Details

In 25kg/50kg PP bag lined with PE film

Usage of water-soluble fertilizer

1. According to the irrigation facilities. there is an index called "water-insoluble matter content" . Generally, drip irrigation requires water-insoluble matter content less than 0.2% , micro-sprinkler water-insoluble matter less than 5% , spray water-insoluble matter less than 15% , drenching requires even less. Generally, the lower the insoluble matter content, the better the fertilizer efficiency, and the higher the relative fertilizer price.

2. Avoid direct irrigation.We're gonner have to do a secondary dilution. To ensure uniform flushing fertilizer, improve fertilizer utilization rate, according to the characteristics of continuous crop nutrient absorption, reduce a large number of one-time fertilizer leaching loss caused by water-soluble fertilizer dosage of 3-6 kg per mu is appropriate.

3. Drip fertilizing. Get the details right.When fertilizing drip irrigation, drip water first, wait until the pipe is full of water, then start fertilizing. The longer the fertilizer is applied, the better. After fertilizing, immediately drop clear water for 20-30 minutes and drain all remaining liquid fertilizer from the pipe.

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