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  • Compound Fertilizer
    In the production of compound fertilizer, the soil testing formula is used to measure the nutrient status of the soil, which is based on the soil testing and fertilizer field test.
  • Highly Active Top Dressing CAN
    When growing crops such as Cash crop, flowers, fruits and vegetables, the fertilizer can prolong the Florescence, promote the normal growth of roots, stems and leaves, ensure the bright color and increase the sugar content of the fruit.
  • N:15.5% CaO:26% Fertilizer
    Suitable for many kinds of soil and crops, widely used in greenhouse and field planting food crops, cash crops, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and so on.
  • Organic Ammonium Sulphate Nitrogen Fertilizer
    Organic Ammonium Sulphate Nitrogen Fertilizer is used as an agricultural spray adjuvant for water-soluble insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Therefore, it functions as bind iron and calcium cations that presented in both well water and plant cells.
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