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high purity Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO

Product: Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO)<br />
Molecular formula: C2H6OS <br />
Relative molecular mass: 78.13
Product Description

Application in petroleum processing

DMSO was used as an extraction solvent in aromatics extraction. The first was the French IFP method, which was published at the 35th National Chemical Industry Conference in Warsaw.



High selectivity to aromatics;

Unrestricted miscibility of aromatics at room temperature;

Low extraction temperature, and does not react with alkanes, alkenes, and water;

Non-corrosive and non-toxic;

Simple extraction process, less equipment, and energy saving;

Insoluble olefins are suitable for oils with high olefin content;

7. Stripping can be used for solvent recovery. It is superior to Shell's Sulfinol method and Universal's Udcx method. China's Beijing and Liaoyang Petrochemical Company have been used in the imported equipment.

DMSO is insoluble in alkanes, so it is used in the refining of food wax and edible white oil and the detection of cancer treatment substances.

DMSO is easy to dissolve in acetylene. Each liter of DMSO can dissolve 33 liters of acetylene, while acetone can only dissolve 25 liters of acetylene. DMSO has a high boiling point and is easy to recover and regenerate. Therefore, it is used in the recovery of petroleum gas acetylene and the production of dissolved acetylene.

DMSO is easily soluble in organic sulfides, aromatics, and alkynes, and is often used in the refining of lubricating oil and diesel. DMSO and water will not freeze at -60°C at 40%. Therefore, DMSO is used in gasoline, aviation fuel anti-icing agent, and automobile antifreeze in high-cold areas. Used as a reaction solvent in the production of fuel oil additive ferrocene, which accelerates the reaction of sodium dicyclopentadiene and ferric chloride and improves the yield. In the production of nitroalkanes, the direct reaction of sodium nitrite and chloroalkanes in DMSO has a high yield. Recently, there have been many reports in petroleum processing, and new uses are constantly being developed, especially foreign industrialized production in diesel refining.

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