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Zhengzhou-Europe Train Connects Domestic And Overseas, Radiating East, Middle And West At New Speed

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On July 18, 2013, the China-Europe Express Train (Zhengzhou) opened for the first time. In the past 8 years, from the beginning of the operation, an average of 1 class per month, to the current state of high-frequency round trips of 16 outbound and 18 return trips per week, the China-Europe Express Train (Zhengzhou) has continued to "grow" in the course of its operation and has achieved time after time. A leapfrog development.

The China-Europe Express Train (Zhengzhou) ranges from 80 kilometers per hour to hundreds of kilometers per hour, from "starting" once a month to "fast running" 16+18 times a week; goods destined for Europe range from high-end clothes and hats, textiles to auto parts, electronics Products, engineering machinery, medical equipment, aircraft manufacturing materials, tobacco, alcohol and small foods, etc., the China-Europe Express trains give Zhengzhou a "convenient large channel" connecting overseas.

Affected by the epidemic, the current international market demand and international logistics are greatly restricted. With the further tightening of international shipping capacity and the continuous increase in freight rates, China-Europe Express has become the choice of many foreign trade companies with its unique logistics advantages and strong transportation system.

In the first half of this year, the China-Europe Express Train (Zhengzhou) operated a total of 439 flights (285 outbound flights and 154 return flights), with a cargo value of US$1.783 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6%, and a cargo weight of 277,200 tons, a year-on-year increase of 17.8%.

Not only did the China-Europe Express train drive Chinese products out of the country, its return line trains were also further normalized, providing transportation support for the economic and social development of countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”.

Since 2016, China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) has established direct cooperative relations with enterprises in countries along the “Belt and Road” through “direct procurement, direct transportation, and direct operation” relying on business networks in Europe, Central Asia, Japan and South Korea and other places. Simultaneous development of online and offline sales network, now the domestic sales network has covered 31 provinces, regions and cities.

On July 30 this year, the Zhengzhou-Tashkent Central Asia train started its first trip. The whistle of this train set sail, marking the China-Europe train (Zhengzhou) assembly center has taken a key step towards a multi-subject, multi-model, and diversified development pattern, which will promote and drive the quality and expansion of the China-Europe train (Zhengzhou). The number and promotion of promotion are of great significance.

It is understood that this train is fully loaded with laminate flooring, bicycles and accessories, fabrics, automotive aluminum alloy wheels, electric vehicles, squatting toilets, wallpapers, tires and other goods. The total value is about US$970,000 and the weight is about 1,440 tons. Starting from Zhengzhou, passing through Almaty in Kazakhstan, heading to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. On this train, Zhengzhou's local products accounted for more than 40%.

At present, China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou) has 10 direct overseas stations, which has established a major international logistics channel connecting Zhengzhou to Europe, Central Asia, ASEAN, and Asia-Pacific (Japan, South Korea, etc.). The network covers more than 130 cities in more than 30 countries in the European Union, Russia and Central Asia, with more than 6,000 domestic and foreign partners, and has initially realized the domestic and foreign logistics network layout of "connecting domestic and foreign, radiating east, middle and west".

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