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Why is seaweed fertilizer is different.Quality determines the price,3 common purification methods

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The price of seaweed added water soluble fertilizer on the market varies, what factors affect the price of these fertilizers? On the one hand, the reason is the content of the fertilizer, on the other hand, the reason is the quality of the fertilizer! 

Seaweed essence extraction methods.

1, chemical hydrolysis method: At present, the vast majority of manufacturers at home and abroad mainly use chemical hydrolysis method to produce seaweed fertilizer, the biggest drawback of chemical hydrolysis method is that the strong alkali high temperature destroyed the activity of endogenous substances of seaweed, this type of products more, such as domestic small manufacturers of cheap seaweed essence.

2, biological fermentation method: its principle is the use of microorganisms in the metabolic process of seaweed and other nutrients produced by a variety of enzymes, the composition of the large molecules of seaweed degraded into small molecules, water-soluble substances, because the fermentation process is not chemical method of strong alkali and high temperature, can well preserve the activity of the active ingredients in seaweed, some imported from Ireland, Norway and other over the production of seaweed extract using this method.

3、Physical extraction method: It can preserve the activity of active ingredients in seaweed cytosol and maximize the efficacy of seaweed fertilizer, and the whole production process, without adding any exogenous substances. The seaweed fertilizer produced by this method is of high quality and good quality.

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