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Why Is International Tea Day Set On May 21? The Reason Is...

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Do you know?


Today is the second "International Tea Day"!


"International Tea Day"


On November 27, 2019


The 74th United Nations General Assembly announced its establishment,

The time is May 21st each year,

This is a tea-producing country dominated by China

Successfully promoted the establishment for the first time

International festival in the field of agriculture!


Why set up "International Tea Day"?


Why is it set for May 21?


As a new agricultural festival,

Let me come to science,

By the way, explain the basic knowledge of tea,

The birth of "International Tea Day" is conducive to the integration and mutual learning of tea culture between China and other countries, promotes the coordinated development of the tea industry, and jointly safeguards the interests of tea farmers.

Considering that Chinese tea varieties are mainly green tea and black tea, most of them have been on the market in mid-to-late May, and the quality of tea will decline due to storage and other reasons. Therefore, the "International Tea Day" is set on May 21. day.


Finished talking about "International Tea Day"

Xiaobian and then bonus

Some knowledge about tea!


Tea is one of the top three drinks in the world.

Together with cocoa and coffee, it has become the three major non-alcoholic beverages in the world today.


China is the world's largest producer and consumer of tea.


The area of tea gardens nationwide remains at more than 44 million mu.

The annual output is more than 2.6 million tons.

There are more than 60 tea-producing countries and regions in the world, and the global tea-drinking population exceeds 2 billion.

The six major tea series in China: green tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, black tea, black tea, and white tea.


As the birthplace of tea


China has thousands of years of tea drinking history


The tea industry has experienced vigorous development

I've grown a leaf

Become a big industry for poverty alleviation and prosperity

It can be said that the genes and codes of Chinese culture

All permeated in a cup of tea

Establishment of "International Tea Day"

Highlights the countries of the world

Recognition of Chinese tea culture

Also for more and more people to know and taste tea

Provides a good window


Which tea do you like best?

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