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Which is better, calcium nitrate or calcium glycolate?

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Calcium has a direct impact on the growth of fruit trees, fruit quality and taste, for this reason, fruit farmers are also year after year for its calcium supplement, in its choice of fertilizer, will often use calcium nitrate or sugar alcohol calcium, then, calcium nitrate and sugar alcohol calcium which is better? How to choose? Let's find out!

Calcium nitrate is one of our common compound fertilisers, usually used to supplement the nitrogen and calcium elements of crops, its nitrogen content is around 12%, basically in the form of nitrate nitrogen, while the calcium content is around 24%, is also very soluble in water water soluble calcium, and has the advantages of good effect, fast fertilisation, wide adaptation, etc., to acidic soil with the effect of neutralisation and acid reduction, moderate application is not very destructive to the soil, can It can be used as a base and chasing fertiliser, as well as spraying, cavitation, spreading and flushing.

Calcium glycolate is literally a combination of sugar alcohol and calcium elements, which is actually a combination of the two using chelation technology, and is a high quality organic calcium fertiliser with good results, high utilisation and easy application.

Calcium nitrate and sugar alcohol calcium comparison, from its supplementary nutrients, calcium nitrate will be slightly better, can supplement the fruit tree two nutrients nitrogen and calcium, its application method is also flexible, diversity, these are tempting fruit farmers to choose one of the reasons, but from its calcium effect, calcium nitrate and foliar spraying stability, utilization rate, etc. will be better than sugar alcohol calcium, its effect is needless to say, obviously will It is obvious that the effect is much better than that of sugar alcohol calcium, so I personally suggest that calcium nitrate is the better choice for foliar spraying of fruit trees.

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