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When to Plant Strawberries When to Ripe

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Strawberries are one of our favorite fruits, so when are strawberries planted? When is it mature?

Strawberry Planting Time

When planting strawberries, you can choose to plant them in spring and autumn every year. In spring, you can choose to plant strawberries in March-April, and in autumn, you can choose to plant strawberries in August-September. Because strawberries are suitable for growing in a warm environment, spring and autumn are more suitable for growing strawberries. If you grow strawberries in a greenhouse, you can grow them all year round. When planting strawberries, because the climatic environment of each region is different, it is necessary to choose a suitable time for planting according to the environmental conditions. In colder regions, strawberries can be planted a little later in spring, and a little earlier in autumn. The opposite is true in warm places.

strawberry ripening time

Strawberries planted in spring generally need to start to ripen around June-August each summer. Strawberries planted in autumn will enter a dormant period in winter and will continue to grow in the spring of the following year, so they generally mature in March-May of the following year. The ripening time of strawberries grown in greenhouses is relatively unstable. Generally, they can be matured all year round. The ripening time is mainly related to the planting time of strawberries.

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