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When should kiwifruit be fertilized? Kiwi fertilization time!

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When to fertilise kiwifruit? Fertilisation periods for kiwifruit! Have you ever understood? Only if you apply the right fertiliser at the right time will the results be better. When to fertilise kiwifruit!

Fertilisation periods for kiwifruit.

In early spring, after the soil has thawed and the sap has flowed, the tree starts to move. It is advisable to apply sprouting fertilizer before germination, mainly quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer (nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 1/2-2/3 of the annual nitrogen fertilizer dosage) with a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. 4-year-old trees generally apply 8-10 kg of pure nitrogen, 4 kg of pure phosphorus and 4 kg of pure potassium. Take the whole garden scattering or plant application, and then irrigate 1-2 times in spring water.

After flowering, 30-40 days after flowering is a period of rapid expansion of the kiwi fruit, which grows rapidly and increases in size very quickly. It is advisable to apply this fertiliser 20-30 days after flowering, mainly as a fast-acting compound fertiliser. At the same time, spray the fruit with a strong tine to thicken the tine and improve nutrient delivery. This will help prevent flower drop, fruit drop, fruit cracking, fruit staleness and fruit deformity, so that the fruit will be beautifully coloured, beautiful and tasty. 0.25-0.3 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be applied to each 4 year old tree. Water the whole garden once after application.

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