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When is the best time to fertilise bananas? When to fertilize bananas

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Fertilisation of bananas plays a very important role in their yield, so when is a good time to fertilise bananas? Here is an introduction to the period of fertilisation for bananas.

Banana's nutrient requirements generally increase as the leaf stage increases. The growth and development of bananas during the 18-40 leaf stage is decisive for the yield and quality of bananas, so this period is an important fertilisation period for bananas. This period can be divided into two heavy application periods: the late nutritional growth period and the bud differentiation period, where most of the fertiliser should be applied.

The mid to late nutritional growth period (18-29 leaf stage), i.e. 3-5 months after planting in spring and 5-9 months after planting in summer and autumn, and after the buds have set. In terms of leaf shape, this period ranges from the first middle leaves (when the new leaves are mostly curved like a tiger's tail) to 1-2 large leaves. If the plant is heavily fertilised at this time, it will have sufficient nutrients to grow a large and thick leafed banana plant, which will be able to assimilate efficiently and accumulate a lot of organic matter to lay a good foundation for the next stage of bud differentiation.

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