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When do coffee trees need compound fertilizer

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The conclusion is that coffee trees must be inspected at all times to ensure that they are growing well and that the quality of the results is good.


(a) In the case of nitrogen deficiency, the base of the leaf is yellowish and gradually spreads to the leaf margin and the whole leaf. The coffee tree does not grow robustly and this will affect flowering and fruiting.


(b) In the case of phosphorus deficiency, the leaves are brassy and, in severe cases, the leaf margins are decaying. (Phosphorus contributes to the formation of coffee fruit)


(c) In the case of potassium deficiency, brown spots appear on the edges of the leaves, which then gradually extend to the centre and eventually dry up and fall off. Flowering is normal but fruiting is poor. (Potassium is very important for the growth of carbohydrates in the coffee tree, because carbohydrates are roasted at a high temperature and produce saccharification, which is the source of delicious coffee.)


(d) In the case of calcium deficiency, the chlorophyll between the leaf margins and main veins declines and gradually becomes golden yellow, causing a significant reduction in the formation of flowers and fruit, and in severe cases, the fruiting kernels (coffee beans) are not firm and even wither.


(e) In case of magnesium deficiency, the leaf margins and leaf tips show decaying spots, and in worse cases, the spots join together to form a surface and eventually fall off, reducing flowering.


(f) In the case of zinc deficiency, the plant's hormonal growth is stimulated by zinc, and if zinc is deficient, the coffee tree will not grow and flower.

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