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What to use as a base fertilizer for planting beans How to chase fertilizer for beans

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What to use as a base fertilizer for planting beans How to chase fertilizer for beans

Also known as cowpea, long cowpea and striped bean, beans have high nutritional value and are rich in protein and carotene, etc. They are widely grown in China.

First, what to use for planting bean curd as a base fertilizer

To bean curd with sufficient base fertilizer, can guarantee its growth, farmers can 10-15 days before sowing, for bean curd with fully rotted organic fertilizer as a base fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer must be decided according to the ground strength.

Generally can mu application of organic fertilizer 1000-2000 kg, additional calcium nitrate, urea or compound fertilizer, shallow plowing 1 time, level the ground to do the border can be.

Second, how to chase fertilizer bean curd

According to the demand of potassium and phosphorus elements in the growth process of bean curd, you can use Root Shield fertilizer.

Root Shi Bao contains high potassium and phosphorus nutrients, compared with the general compound fertilizer, its nutrients are all dissolved in water, beans quickly absorbed fertilizer efficiency of up to 30% or more, so root Shi Bao is very suitable for beans fertilizer.

Three, how to spray foliar fertilizer bean curd

Beans in the late stages of growth will generally show a variety of lack of micronutrient symptoms, such as yellow leaves. At this time, be sure to spray foliar fertilizer in the early growth period of bean curd, that is, the seedling stage and vine stage.

If you find yellow leaves and other phenomena when re-application, the effect will be reduced.

Fourth, what fertilizer bean curd chasing high yield

Planting bean curd chasing compound fertilizer, at the same time to do a good job of management in general to high yield. When beans live land in July 10 after harvesting 1 time, then you can chase 5-10 kg of urea per mu.

Later, each harvest 2 young pods can be applied 1 fertilizer, if you want to extend the harvesting period of pods, to improve the yield of pods, can be 5-6 days before each harvesting period for water and fertilizer promotion, to provide sufficient water and nutrients to the plant through.

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