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What to fertilize and fertilization management techniques for potatoes

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What to fertilize and fertilization management techniques for potatoes

Potatoes are fertilizer-loving crops that require more fertilizer, so how to fertilize potatoes to get high yields?

A, potato fertilizer characteristics

For every 1000 kg of potatoes produced, the plant needs to absorb 4.8 kg of nitrogen, 2.2 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, 10.3 kg of potassium oxide from the soil. The ratio of the three is 1: 0.45: 2.3 or so.

Potato absorption of fertilizer in the early and middle stages of absorption accounted for 75% of all fertilizer requirements, to the hair period to the potato period is greater, potatoes in the entire reproductive period, the absorption of potassium fertilizer more, nitrogen second, phosphorus less.

Potatoes are sensitive to chlorine, chlorine crop, fertilization should be used without chlorine fertilizer varieties.

Second, potato fertilization principles

Potato fertilization should follow the biological fertilizer, high-quality water-soluble fertilizer, controlled-release fertilizer or compound fertilizer as a supplement; base fertilizer as the main, supplemented by fertilizer; large amounts of elements as the main, supplemented by the principle of trace elements.

Pre-growth fertilization to nitrogen, phosphorus-based; late flush high potassium fertilizer, expansion fertilizer, foliar spray fertilizer to maintain the photosynthetic efficiency of the leaves, more nutrient production.

Three, potato fertilization techniques

1, base fertilizer. Organic fertilizer-based, the general amount of 22.5 to 45 tons per hectare. Application method depends on the amount and quality of organic fertilizer, the amount of organic fertilizer (15 tons per hectare) quality of organic fertilizer can be applied along the sowing ditch strips or holes in the seed potato block, and then cover the soil. When the amount of coarse fertilizer is large, it should be scattered and then tilled into the soil. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should also be applied as base fertilizer.

2. Seed fertilizer. Apply when sowing the potato block, using calcium superphosphate or with a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer as seed fertilizer. However, it should be noted that nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers should not directly contact the seed potatoes. Many areas have the habit of seed potatoes dipped in grass ash sowing, grass ash in addition to the role of disease prevention, and also play the role of seed fertilizer.

3, chasing fertilizer. Mostly with nitrogen fertilizer, its dosage varies depending on soil fertility, precrop crops, irrigation, density and phosphorus fertilizer application level. In the dry crop without organic fertilizer conditions, nitrogen fertilizer for the chasing effect is poor, as a base fertilizer is appropriate, the amount of nitrogen application is generally 60 kg of nitrogen per hectare. If the current buds can be watered once, it will be increased to 90kg of nitrogen and applied deeply in the hole before watering.

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