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What to do with cucumber low temperature barrier? What are the prevention methods?

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Because cucumbers have weak resistance to low temperature, continuous low temperature will cause a variety of symptoms, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. When the ground temperature is too low during sowing, the seed germination and delayed emergence will cause weak yellow seedlings, reticulated seeds or damping-off, root rot, etc. Some unearthed seedlings have white edges on the edges of cotyledons, leaves turn yellow, and roots do not grow.

2. If the ground temperature is lower than 12°C for a long time, the root tip will turn yellow or the roots will be retting or rotten, and the ground part will start to turn yellow.

3. After the cold injury or freezing injury occurs after planting, the leaves appear dark green, the leaf margins are slightly outwardly curled, and yellow-white spots appear between the large leaf veins, which expand and become continuous after the freezing injury increases. Or the plant roots slowly, or does not produce roots, or the flower buds do not differentiate, the entire plant grows weak, the flower tops appear, and the leaves die to the whole plant.

Prevention method

1. Choose low-temperature-tolerant varieties that germinate quickly, emerge quickly, and grow seedlings quickly.

2. After soaking, the seeds that will germinate quickly are frozen at 0°C for 24 to 36 hours and then planted, which can enhance the cold resistance.

3. Avoid seedling cultivation and planting during cold periods. Increasing temperature measures such as lighting a stove in the shed or Kiga’s hotline.

4. Use the compost made by enzyme bacteria or fully decomposed organic fertilizer.

5. Spray plant cold-resistant agent before the cold current invades, 100-200 ml of 10% Baolifeng anti-freeze element 400 times liquid or 3.4% Bihu wettable powder 7500 times liquid or 50 grams of brown sugar per mu per mu. Add 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate spray.

6. If the temperature is too low and frost damage has occurred, adopt slow heating measures, such as shaded with straw curtains after a long period of overcast and sunny days, so that the physiological functions of cucumbers can be slowly restored.

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