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What to do if eggplant has fertilizer disaster

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When we apply organic fertilizer, we must ensure that it is fully decomposed. When accumulating organic fertilizer, microorganisms should be used to decompose it into nutrients that can be used by eggplant plants. Such organic fertilizer is suitable for eggplant absorption. If symptoms are found, water them in time for effective relief. Normal growth can be restored after a week or so, but you should also pay attention to controlling the amount of watering. Do not overwater to prevent waterlogging.

Then, when topdressing in high temperature seasons in summer, we should focus on furrow application, and cover the soil after fertilization. Fertilizer should not be applied during the time period such as noon. If it is the evening fertilization, it is necessary to cooperate with the ventilation and watering work. Then, when spraying foliar fertilizer, pay attention to control the amount and mix with the foliar fertilizer. It should not be done at noon. It usually takes place after three o'clock in the afternoon.

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