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What should I pay attention to when fertilizing lettuce? How to fertilize scientifically and reasonably?

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1. Open field cultivation

    1. Application of base fertilizer

    Lettuce is generally cultivated in the open field in autumn, and when it is cultivated in the open field, before planting the lettuce, we must first do the ground preparation and upsetting work. After turning the soil deeply, apply sufficient base fertilizer, which is mainly decomposed farmyard manure. Approximately 2500kg of topdressing per mu, with appropriate amount of ternary compound fertilizer. When planting, it is necessary to carry out planting with soil. The planting depth should be kept level with the ground, and watering work should be done after planting to encourage lettuce to slow down as soon as possible.

    2. Reasonable top dressing

    In our daily life, lettuce is mainly raw food. So when we are topdressing, it is not suitable to topdress human feces and urine. Normally, the fertilizer is mainly nitrogen. During the whole growth period of lettuce, it takes about three top dressings. Generally, it is carried out after the slow seedling, the group stage and the heart-wrapping stage. The top dressing is based on one urea or compound fertilizer each time. The top dressing method is flushing with water. During the whole growth period of lettuce, we should also pay attention to maintaining sufficient water supply and keep the soil moist. However, in the middle and late stages of the heading, you should pay attention to control the watering to avoid the leaf ball rot. Lettuce scientific fertilization technology

    2. Winter and spring greenhouse cultivation

    1. Application of base fertilizer

    When cultivating lettuce in a greenhouse in winter and spring, fertilization is mainly based on base fertilizer, so as to minimize the amount of topdressing and watering to avoid diseases caused by excessive humidity. When planting, about 5000kg of decomposed farmyard manure should be applied per acre, with an appropriate amount of compound fertilizer. Then turn the soil deep and make it into a flat border. If it is covered with mulch, it can be made into a small high border. For cultivation in a solar greenhouse, the spacing between rows should be kept at about 30*40cm. When the seedlings are raised, trenches and holes are needed to plant.

    2. Top dressing

    When the lettuce is cultivated in a greenhouse, pour an appropriate amount of slow seedling water about a week after the lettuce is planted, and then squat the seedlings in the field. When the rosette seedlings and the pericardium are around half a month later, topdressing ternary compound fertilizer or an appropriate amount of urea. Then topdressing again during the heading season of the regenerated vegetables, but because the temperature in winter and spring is relatively low. Therefore, the number of watering should not be too much to avoid the ground temperature is too low or the humidity is too high. The water supply should be kept even during the heading period, and the humidity should not be changed suddenly. Prevent the occurrence of cracking ball phenomenon, affecting the growth of lettuce.

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