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What's wrong with Apple's small size

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What's wrong with Apple's small size?

Apples have greater planting prospects and economic value, the planting process will encounter the phenomenon of small apples, which seriously affects the economic interests of farmers, so what happened to the small head of apples, how to do small head of apples?

1. Excessive fertilization of fruit trees

Generally a normal apple weight in about 200 grams, but some fruit farmers in the planting process, excessive application of fertilizer, which is very likely to cause the plant budding period of flowering more.

And after that there is no timely thinning of flowers and fruit light, it is easy to cause the fruit in the expansion period caused by excessive consumption of nutrients, tree absorption is far from keeping up with the plant consumption, it will form the phenomenon of flowering and small fruit.

2, affected by pests and diseases

Fruit in the growth process will inevitably suffer from pests and diseases, apple yuan if not pay good attention to the daily pruning situation, the orchard environment is depressed, humidity, then bacteria, pests will occur in large numbers.

For example, red spider, leaflet disease will cause great harm to the apple leaves, causing the leaves to fall off in serious cases, affecting the normal supply of nutrient bees to the plant, these will have a certain impact on the formation of small fruit apple.

3, improper use of fertilizer

Fertilization of orchards should pay attention to balanced fertilization, both to supplement the large number of elements, but also pay attention to the supply of small trace elements, so as to ensure the yield and quality.

If you normally apply a lot of nitrogen fertilizer, then it will cause plant growth, branch growth and fruit expansion competition for nutrients, resulting in small size and poor color of the fruit.

In addition, the application of too much nitrogen fertilizer before taking is, will also affect the plant storage nutrients, although will not affect the yield of the year, but the next year's fruit growth will cause serious impact.

4、Influenced by extreme climate

Some areas are often due to climatic factors leading to the general small size of apples, in the apple ripening period for a month of continuous rainy weather, the leaves can not photosynthesis, tree nutrients are consumed, resulting in very little tree nutrients, seriously affecting the second year after the flowering cell formation, resulting in generally small apple size.

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