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What kind of fertilizer is used to grow bitter gourd? How to fertilize?

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What kind of fertilizer is used to grow bitter gourd?

Momordica charantia has a large growth, a long growth period, continuous flowering and strong ability of fruiting, high yield, and a long period of vegetative growth and reproductive growth. Therefore, bitter melon requires a large amount of nutrients throughout its life, especially when the plant is transferred to reproductive growth. Increased nutrient absorption. Generally, bitter gourd needs to absorb 5.3 kg of nitrogen, 1.8 kg of phosphorus and 7.0 kg of potassium to form 1000 kg of commercial melon. It can be seen that bitter gourd has a high requirement of nitrogen and potassium.

Bitter gourd requires more nitrogen during the entire growth and development process, but too much nitrogen will reduce stress resistance, which makes the plant vulnerable to pathogen infection and cold damage; although the requirement for phosphorus is not high, it lacks phosphorus More sensitive. Generally speaking, bitter gourd requires more nitrogen in the early stage of growth, and mainly phosphorus and potassium in the middle and late stages. Therefore, increasing the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can make the plant grow strong and last for a long time.

How to fertilize?

The base fertilizer of bitter gourd is recommended to use 3~5 tons of decomposed organic fertilizer, 50 kg of calcium-magnesium phosphate fertilizer and 4~6 kg of urea per acre. The width is deeper, and one ditch on each side of the border is shallower), and the fertilizer is applied in 3 ditches, of which the middle ditch occupies 60%, so that the seedlings can absorb the fertilizer in the small ditch at the early stage, and then absorb the middle ditch as the root system grows and extends. Fertilizer.

The top dressing of bitter gourd, after planting slow seedlings, sprays multi-element micro-fertilizers according to the growth of the seedlings and fertilizes the decomposed manure to promote the smooth growth of vines, leaves and flowers at the same time; after the second to third batches of bitter gourd are harvested, Ditch the root at 20 cm, apply 20-25 kg of 45% compound fertilizer per mu, or 100 kg of decomposed cake fertilizer, 15 kg of urea, and 10 kg of potassium chloride. Depending on the seedling situation, 30% of human feces and urine should be watered once every 7 days to promote fruit swelling and continued flowering and fruiting.

When bitter gourd enters the peak harvest period, combined with irrigation, apply autumn gourd fertilizer as early as possible, apply 45% compound fertilizer 20-25 kg per mu, and spray a mixture of 0.2% urea and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate to prevent premature aging and prolong the harvest. Harvest time and improve the quality of commodity melons.

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