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What kind of fertilizer is used for fertilizing grapes

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Grapes should be reasonably fertilized according to the needs of grape growth and development. Let us introduce what fertilizers are used for grape fertilization.

1. What fertilizers do grapes need to grow?

The growth of grapes requires fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Among them, nitrogen is the core element of mineral nutrients necessary for grape growth. It has a greater demand for nitrogen. Nitrogen can increase grape photosynthesis, promote growth and improve fruit quality.

The grape base fertilizer should be mainly organic fertilizer. After the organic fertilizer is decomposed in the soil in winter, it is needed for the growth of the plant in the second year, and also plays a role in the regeneration of the broken roots in the current year; in the case of dense planting in protected areas, furrow application is often used.

Fertilization rate of base fertilizer: 3000-4000 kg of organic fertilizer can be applied per mu, combined with 1.5-2.0 kg of phosphorus and calcium fertilizer.

Grape topdressing should be carried out according to different purposes, mainly nitrogen and potassium.

Two, two principles of grape fertilization

1. When planting grapes, solid inorganic fertilizers can be applied to them. The specific types of fertilizers selected must be determined according to the growth and development of grapes. Nitrogen fertilizer is mainly applied to it in the early stage, which can promote the growth of branches and vines, and prepare for the later results.

2. Once the grapes enter the fruiting period, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer must be reduced. Phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer can be increased, which can improve the fruit quality. The specific amount should be adjusted according to the variety, tree vigor, soil strength, and yield.

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