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What kind of fertilizer is used for beans

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What kind of fertilizer is used for beans?

Beans are not tolerant to fertilizer. If the amount of fertilizer applied to the previous crop is large, or the soil itself is relatively fertile, the base fertilizer can be applied less; if the soil itself is relatively poor, the base fertilizer should be applied more appropriately. When planting beans in early spring, more organic fertilizers should be applied. This will not only help increase the ground temperature in early spring, promote the activity of rhizobia, and promote root development, but also in the growing season, especially in the middle and late stages of continuous rainy weather, the plants will not occur. The phenomenon of premature aging due to defertilization. Bean base fertilizer is suitable for spreading before the winter of the previous year. The application amount is generally 2500~3000 kg of decomposed organic fertilizer, 5~6 kg of urea, 13~17 kg of diammonium phosphate, 7~9 kg of potassium sulfate per acre or 25 kg of three-element compound fertilizer. After spreading the basal fertilizer, plough 20 cm deep and raked flat for sowing.


What to pay attention to?

Leguminous crops have nitrogen-fixing rhizobia, and beans are legume plants. Therefore, it is wrong to think that the beans themselves fix nitrogen and do not apply nitrogen fertilizer.

This is because the carob plant grows vigorously and the growth period is longer. For example, it takes more than 70 days from sowing to harvest for the spring beans, and the harvesting time can be maintained for more than two months. Therefore, the carob needs more fertilizer during the whole growth period. In particular, there are more requirements for phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, and the base fertilizer and top-dressing fertilizers should be emphasized on phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. However, the rhizobia of carob is an underdeveloped type of beans, and its ability to fix nitrogen is poor. In order to obtain high yields during cultivation, in addition to choosing fertile soil, more organic fertilizers should be applied and appropriate nitrogen fertilizers should be applied. Nitrogen fertilizer is mixed with the base fertilizer in the form of compound fertilizer. It is better to apply it after flowering and pod setting. If applied too early or too much, it is easy to cause the stems and leaves to grow, resulting in poor ventilation in the field and a decrease in the pod setting rate. Nitrogen fertilizer should be applied in time after pod formation to prevent premature senescence of plants and affect secondary pod formation.

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