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What kind of fertilizer and precautions should be applied to sweet potatoes for high yield?

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Fertilizers are indispensable for sweet potatoes to produce high yields. So what fertilizer should be applied at different stages? What are the precautions when fertilizing?

    1. Ripening fertilizer

    This kind of fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer applied when replenishing seedlings after transplanting, and it is used as fertilizer for raising seedlings. Generally, 500 kilograms of organic fertilizer, 250 kilograms of plant ash or 25 kilograms of mineral potassium-magnesium fertilizer are applied per acre of land. The method of use is to break open both sides of the ridge, open the ditch with a small hoe, and then sprinkle the fertilizer in to cultivate the soil, and water once in time after application.

    2. Farmyard manure

    This is a fertilizer that is becoming more and more popular. The feces and urine of humans and livestock are generally used together with plant ash. Plant ash contains a lot of potassium, as well as some other trace elements. Manure contains a lot of nitrogen and other elements, which is a very good fertilizer for growing sweet potatoes. Generally, two kilograms of dry cake (peanuts and rapeseed residue after oil extraction) are used for one mu of land, 20 kilograms of plant ash, and 500 kilograms of manure are mixed and applied evenly.

    3. Compound fertilizer

    This kind of fertilizer is generally sold on the market, but you need to pay attention to its composition when buying it. Choose a fertilizer with uniform nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium or a relatively high potassium content. This kind of fertilizer also contains many other elements, and urea or high-nitrogen fertilizers are generally not chosen. Because it will make the sweet potato seedlings grow longer, it is not conducive to the expansion of sweet potato tubers, which will reduce the yield. It is also possible to use compound fertilizer and wood ash to ensure the potassium content in the fertilizer, which is better for the growth of sweet potatoes.

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