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What is the right fertilizer for growing potatoes?

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otatoes are fertilizer-sensitive crops, fertilizer-resistant, like potassium, like sulfur, in the growth process of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium nutrients in the most demand for potassium, nitrogen second, phosphorus less, according to the soil texture and the national comprehensive fertilizer utilization rate, suitable for high nitrogen, low phosphorus, high potassium type of compound fertilizer, potassium sulfate type best.

Base fertilizer application: organic fertilizer + balanced potassium sulfate compound fertilizer

Follow-up fertilizer application: high nitrogen and high potassium type potassium sulfate compound fertilizer, the application amount depends on your target yield.

Scientific fertilization method for potatoes

Based on the appropriate amount of farmyard manure, you can use Zinong brand potassium sulfate type long-acting compound fertilizer or high-quality washout fertilizer as the base fertilizer. The dosage of 50-70 kg per mu must be isolated when fertilizing, to prevent burning seeds and seedlings.

The common problems in potato cultivation

1. Too much nitrogen and phosphorus, not enough potassium fertilizer. We can see from the law of potato fertilizer, potatoes need potassium is two times the nitrogen, is five times the phosphorus, but also need to use a certain amount of calcium, magnesium and sulfur fertilizers, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in the fertilizer ratio is not reasonable, can not meet the requirements of fertilizer, you can not get a high yield and stable yield. Some older farmers, in the potato fertilization only nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, no potassium fertilizer and middle element fertilizer, the result is low and unstable yield year after year, mistakenly think that the fertilizer is not good, do not know that the reason for the lack of high yield is the lack of potassium in the soil, not potassium fertilizer and middle element caused.

2. Some farmers are still applying fertilizers with high chlorine content. Potatoes are forbidden chlorine crops, if the application of chlorine-containing fertilizers, it affects the formation and accumulation of starch and the quality of the tubers. Potatoes are best grown with potassium sulfate fertilizers. In addition, continuous heavy crops cause nutrient monoculture, resulting in reduced soil fertility and serious diseases. Planting potatoes to do often change the crop, in order to avoid years of continuous crop leading to a decline in soil fertility, nutrient imbalance and aggravation of soil infectious diseases, resulting in root growth is suppressed, nutrient uptake capacity decreased significantly.

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