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What is the reason for the empty chestnut? How to prevent and treat chestnut empty tent?

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  1. Improve varieties, pruning

    When we are planting chestnuts, if we find that the yield of chestnuts is high and the yield is too low. Then the seedlings should be replaced in time to improve the varieties. Then if the tree is too weak and the empty canopy is created, then we have to prune it intensively. When pruning, first keep two or so fruiting mother branches at the tip. Then all the weak branches are thinned out, and some branches that grow too dense and long and cannot bear fruit should be retracted. At the same time, if the result of the apex of the branch is too weak, the parent branch must be retracted in time.

    2. Apply organic fertilizer

    After the chestnut trees are harvested in autumn, we need to apply an appropriate amount of organic fertilizer to provide sufficient nutrients for the differentiation of the flower buds of the chestnut trees, and promote fullness and fullness. The amount of fertilization should not be too much, and each plant can be kept at about 100kg. Then, the appropriate amount of urea and biopotash must be prepared. If the amount of organic fertilizer is insufficient, you can buy special fertilizer for chestnuts on the market. The fertilization method is mainly furrow application, the width of the furrow is kept at about 30cm, and the depth is controlled at about 50cm. When fertilizing, the fertilizer should be thoroughly mixed with the soil and then applied to the ditch, and then covered with soil.

    3. Apply boron fertilizer

    Boron is very important for the growth of chestnut. When we apply organic fertilizers in the autumn, we also need to apply an appropriate amount of borax to the big fruit trees, usually once every other year. If the empty canopy rate is high, then in spring, you can dig several fertilization holes around the canopy, apply borax into the holes, and then pour an appropriate amount of water to cover the soil. Then in the flowering period, you can spray an appropriate amount of borax liquid on the leaves, which can effectively improve the phenomenon of chestnut empty canopy, but it can be combined with soil fertilization.

    4. Thinning out male flowers

    Excessive male flowers are one of the main causes of empty chestnut. We performed flower thinning when the inflorescence appeared at the tip of the fruiting branches of the chestnut tree and the male inflorescence at the base grew to about 5cm. When picking flowers, you only need to keep the inflorescence at the tip of the fruiting branch and remove the excess. It also includes those under fruiting branches and on male flowering branches. If it is chemical thinning, you can spray the canopy with thin andritol. The male flowers can wither about one month earlier, and the male loosening rate can reach about 80%.

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