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What is the cause of fruit drop in citrus? What is the prevention method?

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1. Reasons for fruit drop

There are many reasons for fruit drop. The editor sorted out several common problems. The first is the phenomenon of fruit drop caused by changes in weather such as rain, typhoon, and high temperature. The second is that the growth of fruit trees is weak and easy to cause fruit drop, and then the result is too large. If there is no flower thinning and fruit thinning, it will also cause fruit loss. Insufficient nutrients or lack of a certain trace element can also cause fruit loss, and the damage of diseases and insect pests is also the cause of fruit loss, that is, there are more new treetops. Without pruning the branches and leaves, the rapid aging of the treetops will also cause fruit drop. These are common reasons for a large number of citrus fruit drop.

2. Stages and phenomena of fruit drop

Citrus fruit drop generally has three stages, namely the first physiological fruit drop, the second physiological fruit drop, and the fruit drop before harvest. The fruit drop in the first physiological period is mainly due to the weak growth of the citrus tree and the lack of nutrition to keep up, so some fruit drop will occur. At this time, the citrus is about the size of a pinky finger. The second fruit drop is when the citrus has grown to the size of a thumb. If fruit preservation measures are not taken, the yield will be severely reduced, and the fruit drop before harvest is relatively lossy, because the citrus is almost ready to eat at that time .

3.prevention methods

We need to prescribe the right medicine to the case. It is a wise choice to control according to different causes of fruit drop. The methods of prevention and treatment should not be abused. We generally use timely drainage, cooling, and wind protection measures for factors that affect the weather, followed by increasing Apply organic fertilizer to improve the immunity of the citrus tree itself. If citrus trees are weak and lack of trace elements, scientific fertilization is needed. For the large amount of results, timely flower thinning and fruit thinning is a better control method. Flower thinning and fruit thinning should be carried out based on the principles of removing diseased, weak, and deformed fruits. In early spring or winter every year, pruning and building businesses and clearing and disinfecting the garden can also prevent fruit drop.

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