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What is potassium nitrate, its advantages, functions, and how to use it

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Potassium nitrate-based is a high-quality compound fertilizer with good water solubility. It can be applied in combination with drip irrigation, subsurface irrigation, etc., or as a base fertilizer. Potassium nitrate-based fertilizers can be absorbed and utilized by crops after being applied to the farmland. Compared with the application of potassium chloride type and potassium sulfate type compound fertilizers, there will be no residues of harmful substances such as chloride ions and sulfate ions in the soil. It is very suitable to use this fertilizer in the production of crops in the greenhouse, which is beneficial to delay the process of soil salinization in the greenhouse. In addition, fruit trees, grapes and potatoes, watermelon, sugar beet, sugarcane, tobacco and other crops are chlorine-free crops. Potassium chloride should not be used. Changing to potassium nitrate-based compound fertilizer will help avoid the harm of chlorine and increase the yield and quality of agricultural products.

Fertilizer products produced by granulation processes such as urea and ammonium chloride have strong nitrogen volatility and are easy to volatilize when applied to the soil surface. Application in closed spaces such as large sheds can also cause air damage to crops. Internal crops cause harm), while the nitrogen in potassium nitrate-based fertilizers exists as nitrate, which is very weakly volatile and does not cause too much nitrogen volatilization even when applied on the soil surface. Potassium, like other fertilizers, is easily fixed by the soil crystal lattice under alternating dry and wet conditions, and becomes slow-acting potassium or invalid potassium that is not easily absorbed by crops. It is not suitable to be applied to the surface of arid soil when fertilizing.

In general, potassium nitrate-based is a very suitable fertilizer variety for the production of fruits and vegetables. Because of its high price, the difference is several hundred yuan per ton compared with the same potassium sulfate type fertilizer, but compared with the same ratio and the same weight of potassium sulfate type fertilizer, the potassium nitrate-based fertilizer has a higher nitrate nitrogen content, so potassium nitrate is used. The base fertilizer is relatively high, grows fast, has little effect on the roots of crops, and is not easy to damage the roots and burn the seedlings.

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