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What is Potassium Nitrate? How to Apply Potassium Nitrate

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Potassium nitrate effect

1. After the application of potassium nitrate, the crops can become lush and leafy, and it can also enhance its ability to resist lodging, pests and diseases.

2. The application of potassium nitrate during the expansion period of young fruit to the early stage of coloring has the effect of expanding fruit.

3. After using potassium nitrate on fruit trees, it can have the effect of coloring and sweetening the fruit.

How to use potassium nitrate

1. Nitrate nitrogen can quickly provide nutrients under any conditions, suitable for crops in four seasons, and will not cause salt accumulation in the soil. It is not volatile and can be applied directly on the surface without covering. The nitrogen-potassium ratio is about 1:3, which is suitable for most crops and is often used as a high-concentration potassium fertilizer.

2. Agricultural potassium nitrate has no chlorine and no sodium, low salt index, good water solubility but no moisture absorption, high nutrient content, and rapid fertilizer effect. Potassium nitrate moves quickly after entering the soil, so it is suitable for top dressing, but not as base fertilizer and seed fertilizer.

3. Potassium nitrate should be used in dry fields, not in paddy fields. Can be used as a foliar fertilizer. Seed soaking can be done, depending on the seed of the crop, the general concentration is about 1%.

4. Potassium nitrate is more suitable for crops that are sensitive to chloride ions, such as tobacco, citrus, grapes, beets, etc. Nitrate nitrogen can be directly absorbed by crops, and it can also inhibit plants from absorbing other forms of nitrogen in the soil. Low salt index is more easily absorbed by roots.

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