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What fertilizers to use for different types of green vegetable

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1) Leafy vegetables: The growth cycle of leafy vegetables is very short, and the key part to eat is the leaves. The bigger the leaves, the better, and the higher the production. Therefore, organic fertilizers and nitrogen fertilizers are the most important fertilizers for planting leafy vegetables.

(2) Fruit and vegetable greens: The key part of fruit and vegetable is the pulp. Apply enough base fertilizer. Add phosphorus fertilizer and compound fertilizer to the base fertilizer to supply sufficient nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer for the emergence and development. After the result, it needs to be combined with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Special water-soluble fertilizers, such as a large number of element water-soluble fertilizers, or fertilizers prepared by using nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, and potash fertilizers according to the corresponding proportions.

(3) Root vegetables: The key part to eat is fleshy roots or enlarged stems. The premise of planting such vegetables is to choose a solid, soft and rich sandy loam for planting, with base fertilizer as the weight and topdressing .

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