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What fertilizers are suitable for growing coffee trees?

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1. Seedling stage:

This time is a critical period for the growth of coffee trees. When fertilizing, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers should be used mainly, and potassium fertilizers should be used as an auxiliary;

2. Mature period:

At this time, potassium and nitrogen fertilizers should be used as the main fertilizers, and phosphate fertilizers and other trace element fertilizers should be used together;

3. Fertilization time and method:

For seedling coffee trees, after the colonization and survival, fertilize 30-50 grams of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium mixed fertilizer before the end of the rainy season;

Fertilization in the second year is divided into 3 times - the first time is between February and March; the second time is between May and June; the third time is between August and September; each application of nitrogen Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer 100g/plant;

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