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What fertilizers are needed for normal rice growth

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First, the soil condition of a field must be considered through a semi-annual or annual soil test before any fertilizer application method is used. No two fields are the same, nor can anyone advise you on fertilizer application methods without considering soil test data, tissue analysis and the crop history of the field. However, we will list the most common rice fertilization options used by a significant number of farmers.

A common rice fertilization program used by many rice farmers consists of two major applications. The first application is made about the same time (or about 20 days later) as planting or making transplants, and the second application is made about 45-60 days after the first application. Many farmers apply 0.5 tons of N-P-K 30-10-10 per hectare at planting/planting (or 20 days later). 0.2-0.3 tons of N-P-K 40-0-0 or 33-0-0 per hectare is required about 45-60 days after the first application. note that 1 ton = 1,000 kg = 2,200 lb and 1 hectare = 2.47 acres = 10,000 m2 .

However, these are only common patterns and should not be followed if they have not been studied. Every field is different and has different needs. Your rice plants may or may not produce higher yields with the application of fertilizer. You can seek advice from a licensed agronomist after performing a soil analysis.

Nitrogen is the most limiting nutrient in rice production. Nitrogen is the key to increasing plant height, leaf size, panicle number and high yield per hectare. Rice needs nitrogen to form panicles in sufficient numbers. The critical period for N application by many farmers is two weeks after transplanting or 21 days after planting.

In addition, there are many farmers who start applying N before sowing and flooding the field. If N is applied to dry soil, we need to irrigate immediately. Or, we can integrate it and flood the field 3 to 5 days later. Early application can also be done with ammonium. We can apply it on dry soil before the flooding procedure. We should take into account that once the early application of nitrogen is applied, the field will need to be flooded within 5 days. Flooding usually incorporates the nitrogen into the soil and protects it from loss. However, keep in mind that every field is different and has different needs.

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