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What fertilizers are effective for cotton

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When applying fertilizer to cotton, follow these three points:

1. Mainly use organic fertilizer, and apply base fertilizer. When preparing the land, spray chemicals and 800 times of new high-fat film solution to treat the soil, and apply enough base fertilizer, and apply 2000-3000 kg of farmyard manure per mu to improve the ability of the root system to absorb fertilizer, activate the soil, prevent hardening, and maintain the rhizosphere ecology. balance.

2. Reduce the application of diammonium phosphate. The ternary compound fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be used, or 40 kg of three 15 nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers can be used as the base fertilizer. When using compound fertilizer, spraying new high-fat film 800 times liquid can improve the utilization rate of effective components of fertilizer and improve the disease resistance of cotton.

3. Use 100 kg of cake fertilizer and 40 to 50 kg of biological bacterial fertilizer as base fertilizer per mu. When making base fertilizer, organic fertilizers such as cake fertilizer, bacterial fertilizer and two-thirds of compound fertilizer are turned into the ground, and one-third of compound fertilizer is applied to the surface along with raking, which is beneficial to the utilization of nutrients in cotton seedling stage. Steady application of bud fertilizer, bud fertilizer can be applied with a small amount of compound fertilizer, generally 8 to 10 kg per mu.

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