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What fertilizer to apply to avocado

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Generally, avocados are fertilized with nitrogen more than four times a year, usually by spreading, or by an irrigation system. The adult avocado tree should be fertilized with five organic fertilizers per plant in the young fruit stage, with a dosage of about fifty kilograms and a compound fertilizer of about fifty grams, and a double application after the fruit is picked.

If the leaves show the symptoms of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer deficiency, we should supplement phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in time. Zinc fertilizer can be applied on some soils, and foliar spraying can also be used, and foliar fertilizer is most effective when new leaves grow in spring. If the plant grows in calcareous soil or soil with low oxygen content, you can apply a stinging iron solution to the roots.

Some soils and irrigation water sources have nitrogen, in which case the amount of nitrogen fertilizer to be used should be reduced; if the tree has little new leaf growth, has grayish leaves and bears more fruit, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer to be applied should be increased.

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