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What fertilizer should be applied to cherry tomatoes? How to fertilize?

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The economic value of cherry tomatoes is very high. Everyone’s favorite fruit has a very broad market prospect. So, the fertilization technology of cherry tomatoes planting process is very important. What kind of fertilizer should be applied to cherry tomatoes? How should cherry tomatoes be fertilized?

1. The amount of fertilizer required for cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are vegetables that continuously bloom and bear fruit. They have a long growth period, high yields, and require large amounts of fertilizer. During the growth period, the cherry tree requires more nitrogen and potassium nutrients and less phosphorus. Attention should also be paid to adding nutrients such as calcium and boron in production. According to research, every 1,000 kg of cherry tomatoes requires 3.85 kg of nitrogen, 1.15 kg of phosphorus, and 4.44 kg of potassium, and the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium absorption is 1:0.3:1.15. It can be seen that cherry tomatoes are potassium-loving crops.

Second, the base fertilizer of cherry tomatoes

Before planting the cherry tomatoes, 5000~6000 kg of decomposed high-quality organic fertilizer and 100~150 kg of compound fertilizer (or 50 kg of urea, 30~60 kg of superphosphate, 40~50 kg of potassium sulfate) are generally applied per acre. Mix the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer and apply it to the planting soil.

Third, the top dressing of cherry tomatoes

The top dressing method of cherry tomatoes can be drip irrigation or flushing. Topdressing 3~5 times during the whole growth period. Generally, the first topdressing is carried out when the first ear fruit begins to swell. The compound fertilizer 25~30 kg or 12~13 kg urea and 12 kg potassium sulfate are applied with water per acre;

The second topdressing of cherry tomatoes is when the first ear of fruit is about to be harvested and the second ear of fruit is swelled, 25-30 kg of compound fertilizer or equivalent urea and potassium sulfate fertilizer are applied with water per acre;

For the third topdressing of cherry tomatoes, when the second ear of fruit is about to be harvested and the third ear of fruit is swelled, 20-25 kg of special fertilizer per mu is flushed with water. The number of top dressing can be increased according to plant growth and needs.

Fourth, the leaf topdressing of cherry tomatoes

During the whole growth period of cherry tomatoes, 600~1000 times dilution of amino acid fertilizer and 0.2%~0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed. Cultivation Help Planting Net recommends spraying once every 7~8 days, especially in Spraying during the fruit swelling period can prolong the fruit picking period, increase yield and improve quality. Other nutrients can also be sprayed as needed.

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