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What fertilizer is used for pineapple fertilization? Pineapple fertilization period

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What fertilizer is used for pineapple fertilization? Pineapple fertilization period

It generally takes 15 to 18 months from planting to harvesting pineapples. The nutrients required in each growth period are different, and fertilization should be applied according to the characteristics of fertilizer requirements. This article introduces what kind of fertilizer is used for pineapple fertilization, and the pineapple fertilization period.

What fertilizer should be used for pineapple fertilization

Different periods of pineapple growth and development have different requirements for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. In general, the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium was 17:10:23 from colonization to flower bud differentiation, and nitrogen and potassium were the main ones, and potassium was the main one after bud budding.

In addition to the requirement to apply sufficient basal fertilizer when planting, it must be reasonably fertilized according to the needs of each period during the entire growth process.

1. Strong plant fertilizer

Fertilization in the vegetative growth stage after pineapple colonization to before flower bud differentiation.

Fertilization principle: Nitrogen fertilizer is heavy first and then light, and potassium fertilizer is light first and then heavy. The purpose is to promote the growth of vegetative organs in the early stage of the planting cabinet, and to fully accumulate carbohydrates in the plant before the differentiation of flower buds, so as to facilitate the formation of flower buds.

In addition, 2-3 times of extra-root topdressing can also be carried out.

2. Promoting flowers and buds

Mainly potassium fertilizer, with appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Generally, it is applied 1 month before the differentiation of fruit buds to lay the foundation for increasing yield.

Before and after the flower buds are drawn out in late February, the ditch should be fertilized again. The amount of fertilizer is 0.5kg of organic fertilizer per plant, and about 30kg of nitrogen and potassium mixed fertilizer or compound fertilizer per mu to promote the robust growth of the flower buds.

3. Fruit attack and flower fertilizer

After the pineapple flowers fade, the fruit enters a period of rapid growth and expansion. After the various sprouts are pulled out one after another, more potassium fertilizer and an appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer are added to make the fruit grow normally, improve the quality, and promote the vigorous growth of various sprouts. .

In addition to rhizosphere fertilization, 0.1% urea plus 1% potassium sulfate can also be used for root fertilization. It has obvious effect on improving fruit quality.

4. Strong bud fertilizer

After harvesting the fruit, re-apply strong bud fertilizer, and the amount of fertilizer is 40-50% of the whole year, which is of decisive significance to the yield of the mother plant in the next year.

Commonly used high-quality organic fertilizers mixed with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are used in trenches to accelerate the growth of sucking buds. The root can also be topdressed once a month.

For densely planted pineapples, external topdressing can be used because it is not easy to carry out rhizosphere topdressing.

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