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What fertilizer is the key to growing potatoes

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Potatoes are fertiliser-sensitive crops, tolerant of potassium and sulphur, with the highest demand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients during growth, followed by nitrogen and less phosphorus. Use organic fertiliser and balanced potassium sulphate compound for the base fertiliser; use high nitrogen and high potassium sulphate compound for the follow-on fertiliser, with the amount applied depending on your target yield. The scientific method of fertilisation is based on the use of farmyard manure in moderation. 

From the law of potato fertilizer, potatoes need potassium twice as much as nitrogen, five times as much as phosphorus, and a certain amount of calcium, magnesium and sulphur fertilizer.

Some traditional farmers, fertilising their potatoes with nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers, not potash and middle-weight element fertilisers, resulting in low and unstable yields year after year.

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