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What fertilizer is needed for pepper cultivation

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What fertilizer is needed for pepper cultivation

1、Basic fertilizer for pepper

If there is no farm fertilizer, you should try to apply balanced compound fertilizer and add the right amount of biological fertilizer.

2, the chili chasing fertilizer

(1) light application of seedling fertilizer: after transplanting and seedling setting combined with watering into the seedling fertilizer, apply 2-3kg of urea or ternary compound fertilizer per mu, do not apply more, so as not to hurt the seedlings, fat seedlings and seedlings overgrown.

(2) Steady application of bud fertilizer: bud fertilizer is mainly based on stability, generally 5-8kg of urea and 5-7kg of phosphorus fertilizer per mu can be applied.

(3) heavy application of flower and fruit fertilizer: pepper flowering and fruiting period of greater demand for fertilizer, generally 20-40kg per mu of phosphorus fertilizer, urea 10-15kg. in the application of fertilizer, pay attention to the root group 3-5cm from the application, so as not to burn the plant. After fertilizer application, pay attention to watering with watering to promote nutrient absorption.

(4) Fruit picking fertilizer: After pepper picking, fertilize 1-2 times, apply sufficient manure or compound fertilizer, then add urea, and also spray some foliar fertilizer to improve yield and quality.

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