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What fertilizer is good for grapes

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1. Base fertilizer

The base fertilizer for grapes is usually applied in autumn after the grape harvest, and the dosage should account for 50%-80% of the total fertilizer applied. The method of application is usually applied by cavity application or ditching, with a distance of 50 cm from the root system being more appropriate. The choice of fertilizer should also be based on long-lasting organic fertilizers, supplemented by chemical fertilizers, biological fertilizers and micronutrient fertilizers.

2、Fertilizer chasing

More major fertilizer twice, the first time is in the fall of flowers when the fruit began to expand, the type of fertilizer to balance fertilizer, mu dosage recommended 5-7 kg; the second time is in the second expansion period of the fruit, coloring began to fertilize, you can use the fruitton 15-15-30 large amount of elements, mu dosage of 5 -7 kg.

3. Spraying foliar fertilizer

Foliar fertilizers can be sprayed throughout the growing season, mainly including calcium, boron and zinc fertilizers, which can help improve the quality and appearance of grapes. It is important to pay attention to the young tips, young leaves and the back of the leaves when spraying, and strive to spray fine particles, spray until all the leaves are wet, the fertilizer solution to drip but not fall is appropriate.

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