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What fertilizer is better for tomatoes

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Tomatoes can be taken as vegetables and fruits, and can also be taken as fresh fruits. They are loved by customers from all over the world, and the market demand is great. Today, let's learn the key points of tomato fertilization technology.

When should greenhouse tomatoes be fertilized?

These types of fertilizers are mainly chemical fertilizers, including special fertilizers for tomatoes that are configured according to the characteristics of tomato’s various growth stages, and also include solid fertilizers or water-soluble fertilizers topdressed by farmers based on their own production experience. Rapidly replenishing the fertilizers needed for the growth and development of tomatoes is also a common type of fertilizer used in tomato cultivation.

In the specific top dressing method, before the first ear fruit sits, the top dressing should be mainly nitrogen fertilizer to ensure the good growth of tomato leaves and create a good foundation for photosynthesis to produce nutrients. When the first ear fruit grows to the size of a walnut (large-fruit type tomato), the topdressing fertilizer should be mainly potassium fertilizer to promote the formation of fruit development and yield.


1. It is easy to cause the tomato tree to grow vigorously

Tomatoes need less fertilizer in the early stage of growth, especially in the seedling stage. The vegetable farmers themselves have applied very enough base fertilizer before the tomato planting, and there is basically no shortage of fertilizer. There is a situation of excess nutrition, and with the advent of spring, the temperature gradually rises, and the root absorption capacity of the crop also increases. Adverse effects on flowering fruit set.

2. Improper operation is prone to fat damage

In the early stage of tomato growth, especially the seedling stage, the root system is not fully developed, and the absorption capacity of fertilizer and water is weak. A large amount of water-soluble fertilizer can not be absorbed by the plant, and the excess fertilizer accumulates in the soil. When the root system takes root downward, the soil accumulates Excessive fertilizers are prone to cause burning root, poor growth and other fertilizer damage to the root system, affecting the normal development of the root system, and even lead to the occurrence of dead trees in severe cases.

3. It is easy to cause soil salinization in greenhouses

The more water-soluble fertilizers are applied, the better. Water-soluble fertilizers contain a large amount of sodium salt ions. Excessive application will cause a large amount of salt in the fertilizer to accumulate in the soil, causing the salt content in the soil to exceed the standard, resulting in red frost, hoarfrost, Green moss and other phenomena, the aggregate structure of the soil is destroyed, and the permeability is poor, thereby reducing the quality and yield of tomato, and the investment is large and the benefit is low.

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