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What fertilizer does broccoli need

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Broccoli herb, native to the eastern Mediterranean coastal areas, China has a small amount of cultivation, broccoli is rich in nutrients, containing protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and carotenoids, broccoli in fertilizer nutrients, the whole reproductive period, especially in the flower bulb expansion period need nitrogen and phosphorus, in the flower buds after the differentiation of potassium fertilizer. Among the trace elements, boron and molybdenum are needed. The production of 1000 kg of green cauliflower requires 2.5 kg of pure nitrogen, 1.1 kg of phosphorus pentoxide and 2.9 kg of potassium oxide.

Before planting, apply 2,500 kg of organic fertilizer, 100 kg of bio-organic compound fertilizer, 50 kg of urea, 20-25 kg of calcium superphosphate and 30 kg of potassium sulfate per mu.

At the rosette stage, fertilize for the first time with 4 kg of pure nitrogen and 6 kg of potassium oxide per mu. In the late rosette stage, fertilize for the second time with 2.5 kg of pure nitrogen and 4 kg of potassium oxide per 6 mu. At the early stage of flower bulb formation, 0.2~0.5% borax can be sprayed outside the roots.

Broccoli is suitable for planting on loamy and sandy loam soils with good drainage and irrigation, deep tillage, loose and fertile soil, and strong water and fertility retention. Therefore, the application of appropriate micronutrient foliar fertilizer before bud development will significantly improve yield and quality.

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