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What fertilizer do tomatoes need

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1. Determine the type of nutrients according to the growth of tomatoes. Generally speaking, in the early stage of the results, the growth of the plants is relatively strong, and it is easy to grow leggy. The foliar nutrients that promote the growth of stems and leaves should be used less, and potassium dihydrogen phosphate and compound fertilizers can be used. As a result, the growth potential of plants in the peak period began to weaken, and foliar nutrients that promote the growth of stems and leaves should be used to promote seedlings and protect leaves, such as urea and sugar.

2. Determine the types of nutrients according to weather conditions. On cloudy and rainy days, the light in the greenhouse is insufficient, and the photosynthesis is poor, which makes the sugar supply of tomatoes insufficient. At this time, the effect of spraying sugar on the leaves is better.

3. Spray calcium fertilizer on the foliage in time. Tomato fruit needs more calcium to grow, and when the soil supply of calcium is insufficient, the fruit is prone to umbilical rot. Therefore, in the fruiting period of tomatoes, calcium chloride, superphosphate, calcium amino acid, calcium supplement, etc. should be sprayed to meet the needs of tomatoes for calcium.

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