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What fertilizer do kiwi fruit use at different stages

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Kiwifruit is a very nutritious fruit. Kiwifruit grows vigorously, produces many fruits, and consumes a lot of nutrients. Only through scientific fertilization can the normal growth of kiwifruit be guaranteed. How should kiwifruit be fertilized scientifically? Here's how to fertilize kiwifruit.

Topdressing germination fertilizer in early spring: After the soil thaws and the kiwifruit sap flows in spring, the tree begins to move, and fertilization during this period promotes budding, flowering and new shoot growth. It is advisable to apply germination fertilizer before germination, mainly quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer (nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 1/2-1/3 of the annual nitrogen fertilizer consumption), with a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Four-year-old kiwifruit trees are generally applied with 8-10 kg of pure nitrogen, 4 kg of pure phosphorus, and 4 kg of pure potassium. The whole garden is spread or planted, and the spring water is irrigated 1-2 times after the application.

Topdressing to promote fruit fertilizer after flowering: 30-40 days after kiwifruit fall is the period of rapid expansion of kiwifruit. At this stage, kiwifruit grows rapidly and volume increases rapidly. Lack of fertilizer will hinder the expansion. It is advisable to apply fruit-promoting fertilizer 20-30 days after flowering, mainly quick-acting compound fertilizer. 4-year-old kiwifruit trees are applied with 0.25-0.3 kg of diammonium phosphate. After application, water the whole garden once.

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