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What fertilizer do apple trees need

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Apple trees apply pre-bloom fertilizer or budding fertilizer (carried out in early April); apple trees apply post-bloom fertilizer (carried out in mid-May); these two early fertilizers can effectively promote fruit tree budding, flowering and timely prevent unfertilization due to the consumption of large amounts of nutrients for flowering, improve fruit set rate and promote new branch growth.

Apple trees are fertilized with bud differentiation and young fruit expansion fertilizer (from the end of May to the beginning of June), this time to meet the needs of apple fruit expansion, branch growth and bud differentiation, apple trees are generally fertilized with potassium fertilizer.

Apple trees are generally fertilized in autumn (in the first half of September), mainly with farmyard manure, while phosphorus fertilizer is applied in the whole year, in order to play a fertilizing effect, phosphorus fertilizer should first be composted and rotted with organic fertilizer, and then mixed and applied.

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