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What fertiliser is needed to grow maize

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Maize is widely grown in China and the area under cultivation has been expanding in recent years. Due to the short growth cycle of maize, it is essential to fertilise maize in order to obtain high yields. However, many farmers do not know how to fertilise maize, resulting in the phenomenon of maize fertilisation. How to fertilise maize? Today I would like to explain to you how to fertilise maize and what to look out for.

What nutrients does maize need?

The maize plant contains 16 elements, all of which have to be absorbed from the soil except for element C. Those that are needed in greater quantities are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, calcium and magnesium, and those that are needed in lesser quantities are iron, manganese, zinc, copper and barium. Maize from 10 days before to 25-30 days after the extraction of male is the fastest accumulation of material in maize, the most fertilizer absorption stage, this stage absorbs 70-75% of the total fertilizer absorption of nitrogen, 60-70% of phosphorus and 65% of potassium. It is estimated that the production of 100 kg of maize seeds actually requires 2.5 kg of nitrogen, 1 kg of phosphorus and 2.1 kg of potassium, if the mu yield of 500 kg of maize requires about 33 kg of urea or 50 kg of ammonium nitrate, 31 kg of calcium superphosphate and 13 kg of potassium sulphate.

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