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What fertiliser be used to grow vegetables?

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(1) Base fertiliser: The application of base fertiliser to planted greens should generally be carried out before planting, with the fertiliser applied to the surface of the soil layer and subsequently mixed into the field according to tilling, so that losses due to evaporation can be reduced, in addition to a better supply of nutrients.

(2) Follow up: All greens need to be replenished with nutrients during their development, so it is important to follow up moderately. Liquid fertiliser is often used for this purpose, and granular fertiliser can also be used. Liquid fertilisers can be readily irrigated into the soil layer or, in the case of leaf fertilisers, sprayed onto the leaves. Granular fertilisers need to be lifted out of the soil layer and buried inside, and in the case of large-scale planting they can also be spread on the surface of the soil layer at any time.

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