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What does seaweed extract do to crops? The three functions of seaweed essence

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Seaweed essence is extracted and refined from marine biological seaweed as the main raw material. It is rich in 18 kinds of protein amino acids that can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants and plant growth regulators (auxin, cytokinin, erythroid Mycin, etc.), alginic acid, humic acid, vitamins, nucleotides, plant stress resistance factors and essential elements for plant growth nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum, boron Wait. All these bioactive substances are pure natural substances extracted from seaweed, without pungent chemical odor, slight seaweed smell, and no residue.

The role of seaweed essence

The effect on soil

1. Seaweed essence is a natural soil conditioner, which can directly supplement the missing nutrients in the soil, activate beneficial microorganisms, and have a strong inhibitory effect on harmful bacteria.

Seaweed essence, seafood nutrition, make crops more productive!

The long-term unreasonable use of traditional chemical fertilizers directly has a negative impact on soil physical structure, chemical composition, pH, microorganisms, etc., and various soil decline phenomena are becoming more and more serious. increasingly prominent.

The abundant seaweed organic carbon in seaweed fertilizer can provide the material basis for the growth of microorganisms in the soil, stimulate the metabolism of soil microorganisms, and improve the soil microecological environment. At the same time, alginic acid and alkaline ion groups promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, stabilize soil colloid characteristics, optimize soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat systems, thereby improving soil physical fertility.

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