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What are the yield fertilization methods for green peppers?

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(1) heavy base fertilizer green pepper fertility period is long, the application of adequate base fertilizer is very important, that is, on the basis of the application of adequate farm fertilizer, 45-50 kg per mu of nitrate of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

(2) more diligent application of chasing fertilizer When the pepper diameter of 2-3 cm when the spray to help produce fertilizer, can help growing plants to absorb light energy, improve the effectiveness of fertilizer, nourishing rain, thrive.

(3) before flowering, the young pepper period to use help yield fertilizer or fruit expansion fertilizer, can activate the plant ecological growth of positive energy, broaden the plant conduit path, enhance plant water and fertilizer absorption, improve fruit yield and quality, reduce the rate of fruit drop, reduce the incidence of cracked fruit, rigid fruit, deformed fruit. Fertilizer and watering should be applied in time during the young fruit and harvesting period to promote rapid expansion of young fruits. Avoid using highly concentrated fertilizer, avoid chasing fertilizer in wet soil, avoid chasing fertilizer in high temperature at noon and avoid too concentrated chasing fertilizer.

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