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What are the types of fertilizer

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What are the types of fertilizer

In recent years, the development of varieties of washed fertilizer is fast, basically can be divided into two categories, one is the organic, inorganic, biological and other raw materials, by scientific processing, compounding together and the production of complex preparations, the other is the organic and inorganic materials, scientific formulation of organic inorganic liquid compound washed fertilizer. These new compound formulations of fertilizer can be applied to meet the needs of the crop for a variety of elements.

In addition, in terms of chemical properties and nutrient composition, washout fertilizers can be divided into three types.

One is the inorganic type such as urea, potassium phosphate, high calcium type, high potassium type, etc.

Second is the organic type such as amino acid type, humic acid marine biotype, etc.

The third is the microbial type, such as yeast type, etc.

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