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What are the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency in peach trees?

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What are the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency in peach trees?

Nitrogen deficiency in peach trees is a relatively common deficiency, mostly occurs in spring and summer, and occurs throughout the country.

I. What are the causes of nitrogen deficiency in peach trees?

Peach orchard management is sloppy, weeds, nitrogen fertilizer application is insufficient or uneven fertilization are the main factors that cause nitrogen deficiency. Nitrogen deficiency is also easy to occur in peach trees when the autumn tip of the rapid growth period or excessive irrigation.

Second, what are the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency in peach trees?

1, branch symptoms: the relative hardening of the branches, new growth short, but when potassium deficiency, the top tip is thin, long internodes. Severe nitrogen deficiency when the new tips stop growing, weak and hardened, the skin is light red or light brown.

2, leaf symptoms: first of all, the new tips of the lower part of the old leaves, the initial leaf loss of green to yellow, petiole, leaf edge and sometimes reddish veins, the later interveinal flesh produces reddish brown spots, spots more.

3, fruit symptoms: seated fruit less, small fruit, taste light, but the fruit early maturity, good coloring. The fruit flesh from the walnut is light in flavor and contains more fiber. Fruit surface is not full enough, the flesh of the fruit to the heart of the tight.

Third, how to do nitrogen deficiency in peach trees

Nitrogen deficient plants are easy to correct. Nitrogen deficiency in peach trees should be based on the application of sufficient organic fertilizer, timely chasing nitrogen fertilizer.

①In early spring or late autumn, as far as possible, in late autumn, according to the ratio of 1 kg of peach fruit 2 to 3 kg of organic fertilizer trench application of organic fertilizer.

② Catch-up nitrogen fertilizer, such as ammonium sulfate, urea. The symptoms are corrected soon after application. During the rainy season and the rapid growth period of autumn tips, the tree needs a lot of nitrogen, which is easily lost from the soil at this time. In addition to soil application, 0.1% to 0.3% urea solution can also be used to spray the tree crown.

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