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What are the manifestations of crop calcium deficiency and what are the reasons?

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Crops showing symptoms of calcium deficiency

(1) Symptoms of calcium deficiency Acid soil is prone to calcium deficiency, which is mainly due to physiological disorders in the crop. When calcium is deficient, the meristems such as apical buds, lateral buds, and root tips of the plant first appear nutrient deficiency. The growth of the plant is hindered, the internodes are short, the plant is short, soft, and the young leaves are curled and deformed and fragile, with multiple nicks and leaf margins. It turns yellow and dies gradually, and the tip of the leaf is sticky. Not strong or seldom strong. Typical symptoms of calcium deficiency: "dry heartburn" or "heart rot" or "leaf burn" in cabbage, Chinese cabbage and lettuce, "stalk rot" or "navel rot" in tomatoes, peppers, and watermelons, apples "Bitter pox" appears, pears "black heart disease", etc. These are physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency.

Causes of calcium deficiency in crops

① The soil lacks calcium. my country's calcium-deficient soils are mainly distributed in southern acid red soils and sandy soils with low exchange rates. The saline soil in the coastal areas of North China, Northwest China, Northeast China, and Southeast China has a pH above 9, and the soil is mostly sodium, with low exchangeable calcium, some of which is only 1 mg/100 g of soil, which can also easily cause calcium deficiency in crops. .

②The salt is too high. Sometimes the soil is not deficient in calcium, but high soil salinity will affect the absorption of calcium by crops, and it will also cause the symptoms of calcium deficiency in crops, which should be distinguished.

③The imbalance of nutrients leads to calcium deficiency. The main reason is that the application amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers is too high. Some nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers are applied tens or even hundreds of times that of calcium fertilizers, which leads to an imbalance of nutrients in the soil. In particular, the large-scale application of phosphate fertilizers causes the calcium in the soil to be fixed and its activity is reduced, making it difficult to be absorbed and utilized by crops, leading to frequent occurrence of physiological diseases.

How to solve crop calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency in crops is not a day’s work, but is caused by long-term soil environment and other factors. So how should crops supplement calcium? Many calcium fertilizers on the market are topdressed because of the characteristics of calcium. The probability of being absorbed and utilized by crops is very low. It is recommended that Guangyuan Xinke calcium lactate be used before and after flowering, diluted with water and sprayed on the foliar surface. The use of medical-grade calcium is more conducive to the absorption of crops and improves flowering quality. Fruit cortex, to achieve the purpose of increasing production and improving quality of farmers' friends.

Any element is indispensable in the process of crop growth. The absence of any element is not conducive to the growth of crops. What we farmers need to do is to understand the symptoms of crop deficiency, and to timely and effectively manage crop topdressing. Can really promote the high-yield harvest of crops

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