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What are the main points of fertilizer requirements for pumpkins

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Pumpkins like organic fertilizers, should be based on plant growth and soil fertility to determine the amount of fertilizer and nutrient combination. If the growing point of the vine parts are thick and upturned, the leaves are dark green should not be fertilized to prevent growth, melon; if the leaves are light green or yellow, it should be fertilized in time.

Pumpkin in different stages of growth and development it is different to the amount of nutrient absorption, the absorption ratio is also different. The first stage is dominated by nitrogen, and the later stage is dominated by potassium and phosphorus. In the 137 days from planting to transplanting, the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium increases slowly in the first period, and grows rapidly in the middle period, and grows more significantly in the later period. Pumpkin throughout the reproductive period of nutrient uptake to nitrogen and potassium fertilizer nutrition more, followed by calcium, magnesium and phosphorus absorption is less.

Pumpkin fertilization techniques

Pumpkin heavy base fertilizer, base fertilizer mainly Naixin organic fertilizer, base fertilizer accounted for one-third of the total fertilizer application. Base fertilizer can be sprayed, can also be applied centrally, but to focus on the growth area near the sowing hole or root system. In the case of little fertilizer, the fertilizer is usually applied through the open trench concentration area to implement fertilizer on the sowing.

After transplanting pumpkin, because of the weak growth, at this time can watering chasing hair fertilizer combined with each other.

Pumpkin in the pursuit of fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer is the main, can effectively and reasonably with potassium fertilizer. Seedlings can be chased nitrogen fertilizer, can promote the growth of seedlings, mu application of urea 5-8 environment. In its fruiting period, it can supply sufficient nitrogen fertilizer, while effectively supplementing phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote fruit expansion, applying 10-15 kg of urea and 5-10 kg of potassium sulfate per mu, twice throughout the fruiting period.

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