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What are the functions of agricultural potassium sulfate and how to use it rationally?

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Potassium sulfate

Agricultural potassium sulfate is a product often used in the process of crop growth, which can promote crop growth and increase crop yield. What are the functions of agricultural potassium sulfate? how to use? Please continue reading below:

How to use agricultural potassium sulfate

Potassium sulfate is a physiologically acidic fertilizer. Since crops absorb potassium ions relatively more or faster than sulfate ions, it can lead to acidification of the rhizosphere soil, thereby increasing the availability of soil phosphorus and medium and trace elements. This physiological acidification is especially important for northern rice seedlings. In order to cultivate strong seedlings and reduce pests and diseases, it is required to control the pH value of the seedbed soil or nutrient soil of rice seedlings to be 4.5~5.5. Apply 50 grams per square meter, or 5 grams per seedling tray. Doing so is helpful for acidifying the rhizosphere soil.

Improve the pertinence of potassium sulfate fertilizer application. Potassium sulfate has a broad spectrum for various soils and crops, but its price is high, so it is better to use steel on the edge. When several different soils and crops exist at the same time, priority should be given to the most needed crops or soils. For example, cash crops such as fruit trees and vegetables require more potassium sulfate than general field crops; among field crops, legumes, rapeseed, potatoes and sugar Crops need more potassium sulfate than other crops; saline-alkali soils and sandy soils in dry areas need more potassium sulfate than general soils.

Do a balanced fertilization. The balanced fertilization mentioned here refers to the application of potassium fertilizer in combination with nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers and other nutrient fertilizers. A large number of production practices and scientific experiments have proved that the comprehensive benefit goals of high quality, high yield, high efficiency and environmental protection can be achieved only by applying the necessary but lacking nutrients of crops and in close cooperation with other agricultural production measures. Among them, special attention should be paid to soil testing and fertilization to control the fertilization amount at an appropriate level, and to prevent calcium and magnesium deficiency in crops due to excessive potassium application at one time.

The role of agricultural potassium sulfate

The use of potassium sulfate is mainly used as fertilizer, especially for cash crops that avoid chlorine. It can also be used to manufacture potassium persulfate, potassium carbonate, potassium water glass, etc. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. Potassium sulfate is a colorless crystal with a density of 2 662 kg/(20°C), a melting point of 1069°C and a boiling point of >2 000°C. Potassium sulfate has little hygroscopicity and is not easy to agglomerate.

Potassium sulfate has a wide range of uses and is often used as medicine (such as laxatives), fertilizers (containing about 50% potassium, is a fast-acting potassium fertilizer, can be used as base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and top dressing). Also used to make alum, glass and potassium carbonate. Agricultural use as chemical fertilizer. It is the raw material for the manufacture of potassium salts. The dye industry is used to make intermediates. The glass industry is used as a clarifying agent. The perfume industry is used as an auxiliary agent. Medically used as a laxative. The food industry is used as a general additive. Also used for serum protein biochemical tests. It can also be used as medicine, potash fertilizer, and used to make alum, glass and potassium carbonate, etc. It can be used as a dietary salt substitute.

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